Welcome to
Sweet and Sour Sensations!

Sweet and Sour Sensations is thrilled to promote its presence in the
United States with this brand new imported confectionery product that is taking the
world by storm. Sweet and Sour Sensations is a new taste sensation of
colorful and flavorful licorice ropes imported from SPAIN and ITALY…“stuffed” with a
soft candy filling!

A brilliant and exciting confectionery of SWEET and SOUR licorice that appeals
to people of all ages. Available in a tantalizing array of fun colorful and mouth
watering flavors that will surely “tickle your taste buds”!

Available in assorted packaging options, such as, gift bags, cello boxes,
cello tubes, tins, trays and platters. Don’t forget to inquire about special
orders, custom packaging, bulk orders, promotional marketing opportunities
and delivery options.